About This Blog

“Man cannot do right in one department of life while he is occupied in doing wrong in another department.  Life is one indivisible whole.”   – Ghandi

This one quote serves to sum up the intention of the content that you will find here.  Intellectually I believe that we are all aware that the pieces of our life overlap and interact to serve the performance of the adjacent pieces.   However, our traditional approach to performance development is often acted upon by looking at the pieces in isolation rather than leveraging the development of the whole to improve specific areas of our life.

The content and contributors here will serve to bridge the gap between physiology and psychology.  The process of performance development could very easily be viewed as the classic Chicken-and-Egg scenario.  Do we need to feel better to produce results or do we need to first think better to produce results?

I have had the great privilege of observing and working alongside thousands of clients over the past decade pursing greater and further reaching outcomes in health and vitality, personal and professional development, and as well as elevating their personal and working relationships.

Through this all I have witnessed varying levels of success and failures from individuals, teams, and organizations in these previously mentioned areas.  The content found here is derived from those observations resulting in both success and failure.

I believe that if you have read this far that you and I may very well be kindred spirits.  This blog will strive to serve those readers that identify as:

  1. Lifelong Learners.
  2. Those that refuse to accept the “as-is” in their life and work.
  3. Those that are seeking to find a community that is free from nay-sayers, internet trolls, and fixed-minds.
  4. Those that are seeking to find a community based on both timeless and newly discovered technologies, techniques, practices, and principles in regards to improving performance.

I am not bold enough to believe that I have all of the answers. I am confident enough however, to believe that the answers are out there and I am willing to do what is necessary to find those answers in an effort improve the human experience for myself and those closest to me.

For my entire life I have always identified as part of a team working toward a common goal.  I believe so strongly in the power of coalitions that to assume that I could effectively coordinate this site without help would be a mistake on my part.

It is for this reason and to both mine and your benefit that this site will regularly seek to partner with industry professionals in: medicine, health/wellness/fitness,  business, parenting, relationships, and spirituality to provide content that serves to educate and impact us all.  In addition, I realize that the greatest amount of insight gained is when we “are in the trenches.”  I ask this of you with the utmost sincerity that should you have something of value we may all learn from, or knowledge toward a particular area of life that that you would comment on posts or reach out in an attempt to provide content to us.  This is especially true in regards to differing opinions found here already.

The mortal sin of teams is failing to share experience(s) that we can all benefit from.

I chose the words “About this Blog” in place of “About Me” specifically because this site will serve to be so much more than just a reflection of my thoughts.  My own personal experience through life if read on paper would reflect things such as:

  • Disadvantaged Childhood
  • Divorce and Broken Relationships
  • Numerous Instances of a Lacking Sense of Fulfillment
  • Colossal Business Mistakes
  • Gigantic Unwarranted Ego’s
  • Countless Failed Attempts to Achieve

What you would also find it to read would be things such as:

  • Overcame Limiting Beliefs About What is Actually Possible…
  • Overcame Divorce to Create and Manifest Great Relationships…
  • Found Purpose, Peace, and Contentment…
  • Discovered the True Essence of Leadership and Influence…
  • Combated and Overcame the American Epidemic that is the Human Ego…
  • Learned to Re-Frame Failure to Elicit the Results Desired…

Professionally and academically you might find it interesting to know that I have worked as a coach and trainer for over 12 years and still do so with a small select group of clients.  I find this to be the most authentic setting to apply the content that you will find here.  It also provides me with a great sense of fulfillment to watch the evolution of someone as they take control of their mind and body and then proceed to leverage that into other endeavors.

Equally as much as working with clients I have enjoyed the time that I have spent mentoring other coaches and trainers as well as speaking on the topics that you will find on this site.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Non-Profit Management from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.



I followed that with a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from California University of Pennsylvania in California, Pennsylvania.


Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Psychology from California Southern in Irvine, California.


I have 2 English Bulldogs, Beatrice and Chumley that are never short in providing entertainment.


Beyond that I attempt to spend as much time as I can reading, outdoors, and with my girlfriend (My Unicorn) Amber.


I thank you for taking the time to stop by and I look forward to the interactions that we will have in the future.

Please take the time to become a part of our growing coalition that is committed to performance by adding your contact information HERE and by connecting with me on Facebook.

In Pursuit of Purpose, Impact, and Fulfillment

Sean Z. Callahan



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