Condense the Learning Curve (BOOK SUMMARY) – Emotional Agility by Susan David PhD.

“Emotional Agility is about loosening up, calming down, and living with more intention.  It’s about choosing how you’ll respond to your emotional warning system.  It supports the approach described by Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist who survived a Nazi death camp and went on to write the Man’s Search for Meaning, on leading a more meaningful life, a life in which our human potential can be fulfilled: ‘Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and freedom.’” – Harvard psychologist Susan David, PhD.

The book written by David is essentially a how-to manual on changing or maintaining your behavior(s) to live in a way that aligns with your intentions and values.

David tackles such topics as identifying your values, setting goals that align with your values, and acting in accordance with those values, what she calls “walking your why.”

Additionally, David covers topics such as “being hooked” or the process of when we accept thoughts as facts.  She follows this up with a chapter on rightfully “Getting Unhooked” – the process of questioning what we perceive around us or what is happening within us.

David argues for the approach of and provides the steps to raising emotionally agile children.  In my opinion, this one chapter was worth the cost of the book.  Many of our well meaning practices that we use in our home needed to be tweaked after reading the chapter and book.

If you are searching for a resource to help better understand yourself and in turn understand the world around you I’d recommend picking up a copy.  Written by undoubtedly a very intelligent woman, it is written in very understandable way and infused with lots of humor.

You can pick up a copy of Emotional Agility on Amazon or by clicking HERE.


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