Are You Building Clocks Or Time Tellers?



At first thought we might look past the difference in being on either end of the spectrum.

Time Tellers passively look to simply be told the current situation.

Clock Builders actively seek to be the model for the current situation.

As the leaders of organizations, teams, and families our emphasis and energy must be directed at developing more clock builders.  When individuals are simply just responsible for telling the time, their potential quality clock building skills can never be leveraged into productivity and positive change.

So how do leaders and/or organizations develop more clock builders?  How do we equip individuals to be the architect of situations for both their self and then for others?

I believe that the first steps to do so are by putting an emphasis on the qualities listed below – First by focusing on the Leader of Self and only then focusing on the Leader of Others.


Leader of Self                                                                                                  Leader of Others

Awareness (Self)                                                                                  Awareness (Others)

Self-Discipline                                                                                     Creating Positive Change

Attitude                                                                                                  Problem Solving

Devotion to Others                                                                             Development of Others

Integrity                                                                                                 Vision


In short, stop being just a teller of time, stop allowing others to just tell time.

Develop Yourself, Develop Others, Build Clocks

Sean Z. Callahan





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