West Texas Pastors, Proportional Returns, and Lackluster Effort



Recently I heard the story of a young preacher in West Texas that had arrived at his first church to begin work as the senior pastor.   The customary practice of the church at the time was to give the preacher the offering as payment for his salary.  As the offering basket was passed around the new young preacher threw in a $5 bill.  When collection was complete the new preacher had received $6.  At that moment the pastor’s wife turned to him and said “well, if you had put more in you would have gotten more back.”

                This story is the perfect illustration to beg the question – are you giving out enough to get back what you really want or need?

I find it funny at times that people complain about the state of their health and the appearance of their body but if you watch what they do it comes as to no surprise the result they receive.

Relationships are no different.  What you sow is always what you will reap.

Often we fall into the trap of believing that just by simply throwing a $5 dollar effort at something we can get a $50 dollar result.  We all know people that “workout” and have done so for years but yet they seem to look the same or even worse.  This is because these individuals are getting back a return that is proportionate with what they are putting out in the form of workout intensity.

Relationships both personal and professional have an innate way of eroding when not given a steady dose of effort and attention to cultivating them.  Relationships tend to even require a little more attention to the degree of effort we put into them.  Doing the same things tomorrow as we did last week tend to eventually run out of steam and produce poor results.

Our careers are no different.  They too fall victim to erosion when we choose the $5 dollar approach.  When we quit diligently pursuing growth and expansion in our abilities, skills, and education the monetary return and fulfillment tend to dry up proportionately.

So ask yourself and think about this….

What kind of effort am I REALLY giving toward the outcomes I’m pursuing?

Is that effort proportionate to the result that I’d like to experience?

Before you answer let me leave you with this, if you’re answer sounds like…

“I’ve done EVERYTHING….” or

“I’m giving and giving but…” or

If you’re lacking result is the product of what someone else did, didn’t do, or won’t do then I can guarantee that you have not given or done enough.


What are you pursuing?  What roadblocks are you experiencing?  How much more can you give?  Leave it in the comments section we would love to hear them.



Sean Z. Callahan


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